Should surgery be required, Dr. Yag-Howard is an excellent and highly – skilled surgeon. She has performed literally thousands of repairs and uses an individualized approach for each person she treats. Dr. Yag-Howard pays particular attention to detail to ensure maximum aesthetic results.

The Importance of Excellent Surgical Technique

Dr. Yag-Howard prides herself in employing state-of-the-art surgical techniques to give patients exceptional surgical results. After more than a dozen years in practice, she has perfected use of a superior suture material that is not commonly used by others in her field. Additionally, she has created several of her own unique stitching methods that contribute to her patients’ beautiful surgical outcomes and satisfaction.

Dr. Yag-Howard’s attention to details, advanced surgical techniques and forward-thinking approach to surgery are the reason she is a national speaker on the subject of skin surgery and optimizing surgical results.

The Importance of Good Wound Care

Because Dr. Yag-Howard believes that post-operative wound care is essential to achieve excellent cosmetic results and diminish any risk of infection, virtually all treatment sites are bandaged according to Dr. Yag-Howard’s very specific wound care regimen. That protocol includes application of a copper-based ointment, non-adherent gauze, absorbent gauze and a water-proof bandage that allows air, but not water, to reach the surgical site.

Please Note: Pictures of surgeries that Dr. Yag-Howard has performed are available for viewing in our waiting room.