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We offer a variety of physician grade skin care products with your well being in mind. Please feel free to stop in the office and browse our wide selection of Skinceuticals ®,  Neova ®, Procyte ®, Kinesys ® and other products. We believe these over-the-counter products are some of the finest the skin care industry offers and deliver many benefits for women, men and children. We recommend before trying a product to spend a few minutes with our aesthetician Sara Zivich to tailor a skin care regime to your skin care type since many products are designed to target and improve a specific areas or particular condition. For example, the type of cleanser you choose will depend on your skin type which may be a foam, cream, or gel cleanser. Your skin type will also determine if a toner is needed and what moisturizer to use.

If you are looking for products that help minimize fine lines and wrinkles, improve pigmentation, help to remove dark circles under the eyes, to name just a few, then you may want to consider some of the product choices we have available in our office that have been personally selected by Dr. Yag-Howard.

Remember, excellent skin care begins with a daily regime designed for you! Take advantage of learning more about how you can care for your skin by tapping into the expertise of our aesthetician, Sara Zivich. Each have spent hours learning about products that achieve results while promoting healthy, vibrant looking skin and are available to assist you in your over-the-counter skin care selection.

Ask about the over-the-counter products we carry to help improve the appearance of a scar. Scars can be bothersome and there are over-the-counter products that can help smooth, flatten or improve the discoloration associated with a scar.

Don’t forget your sunscreen! We carry Skinceuticals ® Sheer or Physical Fusion and Kinesys ®, an oil free and preservative free product. Skinceuticals ® and Kinesys ® sunscreen products protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays that we are naturally prone to receiving since we live in southwest Florida. It is important that you protect your skin by applying sunscreen throughout the day, every day and particularly when you leave your home to perform activities that require you to be out in the sun such as golfing, biking, fishing, gardening, etc.

Elta-MD SkincareSafe and effective laser and sunscreen products for all skin types


From antioxidant serums to daily sun defense to acne treatments, we offer a wide array of Skinceuticals products.


High quality, copper-based antioxidant therapies containing DNA repair for sensitive and photo-aged skin.


Convenient and pleasant to use, this SPF 30+ sunscreen spray is oil free, alcohol free, fragrance free, non-comedogenic and perfect for the playground, tennis court or golf course. It is wonderful for people with sensitive skin and sensitive eyes.